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Sep 14

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A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Corey Arnold

Lynda Benglis, Eat Meat (1975)

Lynda Benglis, Eat Meat (1975)

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top: Yung Cheng Lin3968 (2013)
bottom: Javier ReyTime to… (2014)

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Anish Kapoor - Untitled (2012)

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Sep 13


Rashaad Newsome, Shade Compositions SFMOMA, 2012, Performance, Dimensions Vary, Runtime: 49 min. 

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Phil Collins

He who laughs last laughs longest, 2006

35mm film/video, duration 7 minutes

'The work, created to mark the 80th anniversary of the birth of television, touches upon ideas concerning audience participation and their status within broadcast media whilst focusing on the struggle to sustain one of the most primitive and deceptive forms of communication.' Phil Collins, June 2006
Phil Collins’s film he who laughs last laughs longest is shot over the summer of 2006 at an event organised by the artist to find the person who could laugh continuously for the longest duration. he who laughs last laughs longest focuses on participants struggle to sustain their laughter for a cash-prize.

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